Lab Members

Lilian Kabeche

The master regulator

Assistant Professor in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry

Throughout her career, Dr. Kabeche has been interested in understanding the mechanisms that ensure chromosomes segregate properly. As a graduate student in Dr. Duane Compton’s lab, Dr. Kabeche focused on investigating the mechanisms by which kinetochore-microtubules are regulated. As a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Lee Zou’s lab, Dr. Kabeche continued her work in mitosis and sought to investigate how components of the DNA damage repair pathway promote genome stability through their role in mitotic processes. The lab continues to investigate this question.


Yoon Ki (Ed) Joo

FaBUB1ous Graduate Student

Ed graduated with a B.S. in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 2019, where he worked on developing new platforms for molecular force measurements in cells. Although coming from a non-Biology background, Ed quickly fell for the beauty of mitosis and joined the Kabeche Lab. In the lab, he is interested in downstream targets of ATR during mitosis and their role in aneuploidy and chromosome segregation.

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Elizabeth Black

MRNaculous Graduate Student

Elizabeth graduated with a B.S. in biology from Wake Forest University in 2019, where she researched mechanisms of genome instability and discovered a love for the centromere. In the Kabeche lab, she is interested in noncanonical functions of DNA damage repair proteins and how they promote faithful chromosome segregation in mitosis. 

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Isabelle Trier

Ex-CENP-A-lary Graduate Student

Isabelle graduated with a B.A. in Biochemistry from Washington University in St. Louis in 2018, where she played water polo and worked in a molecular plant biology lab. Now, Isabelle is researching the mechanisms by which R-loops and ATR contribute to centromere identity and function throughout the cell cycle.

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Alex Dalrymple – undergraduate
Kyal Sin Htet – undergraduate
Zeren Toksoy – undergraduate
Kayla Samo – undergraduate
Katherine Yao – undergraduate

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